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Presented here are links to personal blogs, and as they develop - ongoing writing and illustration projects. Ramonst, my second novel, a southern-gothic child's tale of brutality, published following the second edition of The Trainee, the rudimentary first effort. Both The Trainee and Ramonst were produced through Hekate.

With unseen coercion and hidden agenda afoot, it may pay to hold one's cards close to the chest, live simply and try to understand motivations.  Attention spans remain short and our reward systems certainly create barriers to authenticity. Awareness comes at a price.

With regard to writers, aside from my father's admonition not to become one, I enjoy a story regarding Jean Genet. While imprisoned at Fresnes in 1942, he wrote Our Lady of the Flowers on brown paper issued to the inmates for the purpose of making bags. A guard confiscated his original manuscript and burned it. Who knows what the politics within Fresnes consisted at the time, but Genet wrote it again. He showed it to Paul Valery, the poet, who was impressed but thought it should be destroyed due to inflammatory content. Genet smoked quite a bit.

In the early 1980s, I left college to work in Louisiana's offshore oil industry then, subsequently, as a parking lot attendant, lunch deliverer, thoroughbred handicapper, paper broker, cyclotron engineer, PET operator, and physician. The trauma of dissolving status in order to be free continues. I have family.

The collages are cheap and unschooled.  I don't consider them art as much as craft with some vague psychiatric diagnosis assigned. The intent is to have these pieces accessible. The prices are all negotiable. I have only asked fro reimbursement on the frames. I love making collage; not only love making them but am obsessed with it. I'd sooner sell the things on the street to tell you the truth and will do so when I am physically closer to a city. 



Hidden in the Mountains of East Tennessee, eleven-year-old Rodney goes about the business of being a boy during the summer of 1970. In the playground of his grandmother’s overgrown garden, he bears silent witness to the relentless cruelty of a teenage psychopath.


It's 1982. Rodney Pepper, a socially inept college drop-out, heads to New Orleans seeking to engulf himself in despair and abject misery in the belief this will lead him to Wisdom. . . As he looks for work and moves between dilapidated downtown rooming houses, he is preyed upon by agents of the city’s underworld and bears witness to ancient buccaneering atrocity. 


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