The Strawberry Carrier

The man carrying the strawberry is not a man. He's a fulcrum, a toy soldier, a traitor to his country. So you come in low and come in hard, with clear visualisation of the points indicated. Your tackle can be thought of as a surgical excision. That's the way you have to look at it. As I said, the strawberry carrier is not to be regarded as human. Nor can he profess to possess any sort of autonomy of his own. He does not make decisions for himself, you make those decisions for him. He knows no better and you certainly cannot consider valid anything he says to you while on the field at Kiwi Stadium. In Kiwi Stadium. the strawberry carrier is an object to be scorned. In Kiwi Stadium, the strawberry carrier is your enemy. In fact, the strawberry carrier represents THE enemy toward which all your vehemence and displaced emotion will be focussed in that instant of the tackle. At the same time, the problem he presents to you must be viewed objectively, in the clinical sense. In Kiwi Stadium, you observe two points and two points only then rely on the immutable laws of physics as well as the dynamics of joint range of motion to do the rest. Enough said.