The Genie was not accustomed to or prepared for, the pressures of modern society.

The older ones, you see, did not counsel their masters on the content of their three wishes as it was not considered their place to do so. This particular Genie often feigned deafness then made a seemingly casual remark in his understated tone which might suggest a choice might be better conceived. In the past he did not normally have to accommodate time constraints or experience the sense of being rushed.

In being summoned that day by frantic rubbing of his vase then confronted, without preamble, by this new "modern master" who was loudly yammering of insurance premiums and mortgage foreclosures, issues about which the Genie knew nothing, he understandably began to hyperventilate. The three wishes sounded to him like ten, each with their assigned stipulations, subheadings and contingencies. The genie quipped that legal counsel would have to be obtained at the master's expense in order to clarify the intentions of his contemporary overseer's wishes.

The master, without batting an eye, replied: "By all means, Genie, but I insist these attorney's fees be paid from the proceeds derived from Wish One solely, the only Wish One, which in itself can generate adequate cash flow to comfortably absorb all subsequent expenses."