North Dakota, a Nader, Big Red Lips and a Gotdang Forty Four Magnum

That’s right: North Dakota, a Nader, Big Red Lips and a Forty Four Magnum; but not just a Forty Four Magnum. They called it a Gotdang Forty Four Magnum out there on the flat land. And they called Twisters Naders, and not just Naders but Gotdang Naders.

And apparently, those Big Red Lips wanted to be in the direct path of that Nader while wielding a large weapon.

Things weren’t exactly tied in a square knot with the locals when that Big set of luscious red city slicker Lips dressed in a fifty dollar suit stepped off the 4:45. But all that changed when that same set of luscious Big Red Lips pulled out a Gotdang Forty Four Magnum. There was more than the usual amount of particulate matter being sucked between teeth in front of the Post Office. These boys had never seen lips like that holding a Forty Four so unapologetically. Now they had. And with the Gotdang Nader bearing down like a pregnant mare delivering triplets and the Forty-Four being brandished like a knife and fork on all you can eat night at Tilda’s Diner… well, the Sheriff couldn’t have put it any better:

“It was like seeing that spaceship coming up over Devil’s Tower and then hearing those tones: Doo Dee Doh Dee Dohhhhh. Doo Dee Do Dee Dohhhhh. That Gotdang Magnum was like the spacehip and those Big Red Lips, well, they were like… those gotdang tones….”