Darleen got wrecked

Darleen was already wrecked by the time she met the two brothers out at Presley’s. The one with the hat was named Socks. Aldridge had the fuzzy hair.

She went back to their trailer because they told her they had records and pot. Socks and Aldridge played one LP after another while they smoked their weed out of a bong they fashioned from the 3 1/2 inch outlet pipe under their kitchen sink.

After a while, she had to get up to pee and had the wobbles as bad as they came. When she got back from the bathroom about an hour later, Socks and Aldridge were laying dead on the kitchen floor, both shot through the head. The record playing was Chewy Chewy by the Ohio Express. As she stood there listening, that’s when things started getting REALLY weird.