Return of the Ancient Astronauts

Mr. Pinsler knew exactly what happened, or thought he knew. There had been a blinding flash, then a boom, then another flash. The woman, well, her bosoms were momentarily exposed; the material of her blouse having been pulled to one side when she did this kind of uh-uh thing with her hips and, well, kapowie-zowie.

Pinsler turned his attention away from the woman’s breasts for a moment: The ancient astronauts had landed and appeared somewhat elongated and triangular, he guessed because they had been away from Earth since the time of the pyramids or, according to the scientific scuttlebutt, been living underground then recently awakened by some kind of “signal.”

Pinsler didn’t think the woman’s breasts had anything to do with this “signal” but with the Sun shining directly at the Equator on the September equinox and the length of day and night being nearly equal, kapowie-zowie, he seemed to be getting… an erection.