Excerpt of a Manipulated Theda Bara

“Will you just give me a fucking break. For once in my miserable life, -willyougivemeafuckingbreak!”

Johnson smashed his keyboard. There was silence throughout the entire floor, all twenty seven cubicles. Everybody placed their hands on their knees, listening to Johnson.

Then Philbrich shoved his monitor. “I wish I didn’t have to wear glasses and that I was ten years younger,”

“I’m inured to lies!” Prscilla yelled.

"I hate all of your fucking asses. I hate you like a eight year old child hates." Hamply picked up his monitor and smashed it on his desk. The cathode ray tube broke open with a loud POP which made everybody jump.

The supervisor, Jenkins, picked up the house phone and called Julie, the secretary in Administration: "We got ourselves a situation in Editing," he said, then began smashing the receiver against the phone cradle until he held a small piece of plastic in his bleeding hand.