Call Mumbles

Call Mumbles.
Mumbles. He'll hook you up. He'll peruse your situation.
Does Mumbles own a gun?
Gun is Mumbles middle name, like Langhorn.
You mean as in Langhorn being the example of a middle name?
Yes. But in his case it's Mumbles Gun. I don't know his last name. No one does.
So Mumbles is a professional?
Right down to the tips of his shoes. He'd be the first one to tell you that too. Takes great care dressing himself. He'll use the expression, "dressed for success," but I don't know if he's completely serious or not when he says it. You know, given his line of work.
I see.
Do you?
I think.
When I told you his name was Mumbles, did you think he actually mumbled?
Because that's the first question he will ask you: "When you heard my name, did you think I mumbled?"
I assumed it was his nickname.
No. He was baptized with that name.
Like some people name their kid Budweiser?
No. I don't think it was the same situation. I think his grandfather was named Mumbles. Or they named him that on Governor's Island. They'd just look at you and put your name down as Redhead or something then stamp your papers.
Well, I won't say anything then.
No, I wouldn't.