He had seven sisters or was it twenty seven?
Either seven or twenty seven, I cant remember. They were a volley ball team.
No they were. The mother played professional until her uterus fell out
On the court.
Didn’t even grimace. Shoved it back, finished the game, a trooper.
That’s why they were all NCAA, the sisters, because of the mother. She beat them all. They were glad later.
So the brother, his name was Ralph.
Ralph almost went to prison. Not sure if Ralph was a pedo, but something like that.
No, not a mass murderer but something. But they weren’t embarrassed. They didn’t disown him. 
They rallied around him. They did a flash mob
In the court room. All of a sudden there were all these Musicians
The judge was irate.
Order, order. The flash mob was arrested or held in contempt, I don't know, something. People were holding up cell phones, filming it all. That was the point. They had to. Get it on YouTube.
The whole volley ball team was there, all twenty seven sisters.
One of them told me the mother sold the film rights.
And got them sponsorship. I’m not sure what that means. I didn’t ask. I may have got it all wrong.
Ralph escaped though. During the flash mob thing. No one knows where he is, "officially."
Like that guy that jumped out of the airplane with the money.
No one knows where he is either.
They think that one of the sisters wasn’t a sister and that the real sister was outside in disguise and 
Drove Ralph into Mexico. Bypassed the wall, somehow, cut behind a cell phone tower,
There’s a route in behind one of the cell phone towers. Everybody knows about it apparently. 
Or for the right price kind of thing.
Yeah, now people are fleeing into Mexico. That’s the latest. Into. It’s a thing.
That’s where they think the brother went, Mexico, with the sister, but can’t prove it.
The whole family went down there on vacation. There was a flash mob in the little village and they think Ralph served them all at the local restaurant, in disguise, wearing a sombrero, but couldn’t prove it.
Nobody could prove anything. But the part about them being a volley ball team was true.
The mother’s uterus falling out was a legend though, what you’d call a legend.
That she put it back in and continued he game. Someone wrote a song about it apparently.